Monday, April 2, 2012

60 Day Challenge

About two months ago I wrote about my need to lose weight.  Sadly, I haven't done anything about it.  I gave up on my "mostly sugar-free" thing, because, dang it anyway, I love sugar!  Too much.  So hard to give up sweets.  Wouldn't be so hard if I had plenty of honey to substitute, but I don't.

Well, something is happening soon to get me going.  Again.  Running from April 10 to June 10 is T-Tapp's 2012 60-Day Challenge.  There are a few reasons for not joining officially, but many more reasons to join unofficially.  I'm hoping to write regularly about what I'm doing, to try and keep myself accountable.  Plus I'm in a great facebook group of friends who are all trying to lose as well.  Oh, and this isn't a challenge to lose weight, but to lose inches.  Because, really, isn't our size and how we fit into our clothes much more important than a number on a scale?


Betsy Jo said...

I need to do it too!! I was just telling Bob that I've NEVER had to lose weight, I would not even know where to start. I've tried eating less. I can do that but I don't lose weight. I've added more exercise but that doesn't do it either. I did a greensmoothie cleanse for a week and lost 10 lbs but it all came back. ?????

mgirl said...

Join me, then! T-Tapp is really great, and your kids would even enjoy it! I'll share mine with you :)