Friday, August 27, 2010

Booger On Your Neighbor

Booger On Your Neighbor / BOYN (aka Uno)

August 27, 2010 at 6:00 pm
For this homemade version of UNO (preceding the marketed game by many years) use two regular decks of cards; additional decks can be added as needed for lots of players.

Everyone is dealt 7 cards.  Play is the basic UNO / Crazy 8s rules, the next card played must follow either suit or number (with a couple exceptions.)  And also similar to UNO, when you play your next-to-last card, you must say, "One card left" (or "Uno").

Special cards and their rules:

Ace - Reverses direction of play

2 - Next player must draw 2 cards for their turn w/out getting to play. 
*Special rule for 2s* - each additional 2 played directly on top of a 2 means the next person in line must pick up 2 cards for each 2 in the pile.  So if Player A plays a 2, Player B draws 2; Player C then plays another 2, so Player D must draw 4; Player E plays a 2, so Player F draws 6; etc.  This can be a lot of fun, but watch out if you're playing with an odd number, because it can come back to get you!

Red 3s - (black 3s are normal) This card can be played AT ANY TIME; it does not have to follow suit or number.  The next player must draw 5 cards.  Play then proceeds as if the red 3 had not been played, i.e. if a four of spades was played previously, then the next play would have to be a four, a spade, another red 3, or a wild card.

7 - the next player gets skipped.

Jack - wild card, changes suit.  Can be played at any time also.

Queen - this is where it can get REALLY exciting!  When you play a queen, you have two options: one, it is just played as a normal card and play proceeds, OR two, you can switch hands with ANYONE else at the table!  Just don't forget to say, "One card left" if you are trading with someone who only has one card left. :)  Also, if the hand you are trading away has another queen in it, then be prepared to have it traded right back to you, especially if you're trading with the next player in line!

If you fail to say "One card left!" and someone catches you before the next card is played, then you must draw 3 cards.

If you do not have a card that plays on your turn, you must draw until you can play.  An alternate way to play, perhaps with young children who can't hold very many cards, is to draw one card and if it can be played you can play, otherwise you are skipped.

The object is to be the first (and only) one to go out, and get zero points.  Everyone else adds up their points as follows:
2s through 9s are 5 points (yeah, even though 2s are special!)
10s and Kings are 10 points
7s, Jacks, Queens, and Aces are 15 points
Red 3s are 25 points

Feel free to change the scoring structure to suit your needs/preferences.  This is to the best of my memory, except I think red 3s were 50 points...