Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo Contest entry

I want to enter Costco's annual Photo Contest, and today is the deadline. (Have I ever mentioned that I'm a major procrastinator?) After looking through all the photos I've taken this past year, I think one of these two is the best (though I have LOTS that I really like). I had thought about cropping the one of my dd to a vertical shot, but I think I like it with all the water better.

Please let me know which one you think is "winning material". Thanks!

I enjoy playing around with different effects, and I really like this one that you can do in Picasa, with just a bit of color focused where you want and fading to black & white. Pretty cool, eh?


Kaira said...

#2... I like the one of M. but he's too small and centered for a photo critic.

mgirl said...

Thanks, K. I just knew I should do the one of AJ. I really like the one of M, too, but couldn't figure out what wasn't "right" about it.