Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Much Better Now

The little bit of herbs and whatnot that I took must have helped, because I never did get really sick.  I still cough a bit at times, but only a few times a day.  I think there were only 3 nights that I slept propped up, so not too bad!

Only a few short days left of the 60 day challenge, which I miserably failed.  At least I'm not any fatter!  I think.  I'm kind of scared to weigh and measure myself again.  :P 

We've been milking a couple of goats and cows lately.  Not mine, so I don't have to milk them every day, even though I enjoy it.  There is SO MUCH milk!  And there are more cows due to calve soon!  We've been trying to drink/use a lot of milk, but we aren't keeping up very well.  I've made yogurt, cottage cheese, eggnog, ice cream, butter and buttermilk, and lots of chocolate milk, and yet the pigs still end up getting what gets too old to use.  I've even cooked our oatmeal in milk instead of water!  I'd like to learn how to make hard cheeses, so it could be saved long-term, but it's not something I want to tackle on my own.  I'd rather be an apprentice :)

We finally got around to painting the living room.  Whenever we find some trim, I plan to paint it bright white.  Painting the colors made it much friendlier and homey, but also much darker.  The couches didn't match, they were actually pretty horrid, so I used some white sheets to brighten up the room a bit and make it all go together a bit better.  I'm sure I shall rearrange things at least once a month :)

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