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My thoughts today re: Moses vs. CPS

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My thoughts today re: Moses vs. CPS

October 4, 2010 at 3:58 pm
I woke up this morning thinking about the story of Moses, about the time surrounding his birth. One of the more popular Bible stories we read to young children. But what are we teaching them? And what lesson do we carry with us through life? So I re-read the first couple chapters of Exodus this morning, so it would be fresh in my mind, and I wouldn't have storybook ideas as a basis for what I want to share.

Chapter 1 verses 8-14 discuss how the whole people of the children of Israel were severely afflicted. Today in our country ALL people are burdened with excess work/labour, not just God's people. We are heavily taxed and so must work more to pay those. And the government (and all it's subdivisions and agencies) gets "treasure cities", beautiful buildings, brand new cars...think about it, have you ever seen any government worker driving a car older than maybe 3 years? Why is that? Anyway, that isn't the main point I want to make.

The rest of chapter 1 tells how the Pharaoh wanted to destroy the families, by killing their sons, but the midwives "feared God", not the Pharaoh, and so the people continued to increase. Today we have an agency in government supposedly to help people in need, with food, medical care, living expenses. It goes by various names such as Department of Human Services or Department of Health, etc. They have a special subdivision that is for dealing with Families and then a further subdivision of that commonly known as CPS, or Child Protection Services. Sounds very noble, doesn't it? "We're here to help protect your family." Contrary to what you think, this is probably the most evil government plot ever because it goes to the very heart of civilization and the foundation of what God created - the family - and instead of helping, it destroys the family. They literally steal, kidnap children from families and very rarely return them. And no matter how long or short a time "they" have your children, lasting damage has been done. Everyone involved is traumatized: the children themselves, the parents, the extended family, the neighbors and friends. It won't be long before no family will be completely unscathed by this War on the Family.

Another group, Planned Parenthood, tries to sound all positive with their motto of making every child a "wanted child" and yet their real goal is to convince as many people as possible to voluntarily sterilize themselves (at least temporarily if not permanently) and if that fails to murder the "accident" that happens. We might not yet have a 2 children per family law and agents monitoring our cycles of fertility, but what we have is almost the same thing, it just looks like freedom and "choice."

I have very strong opinions and convictions regarding all of this. Common sense tells you that a man's children belong to him, not the state, but we now voluntarily give up our children to others in so many ways. "A man's home is his castle" the famous saying goes. What does that imply? That the man is the king in his private kingdom, that his laws rule anything that happens in that kingdom, his family. And possibly even more importantly that the king can employ ANY MEANS HE CHOOSES to protect his kingdom, his family, his children from marauding invaders, anyone who attempts to steal, kill, or destroy what rightfully belongs to him and is his responsibility. And that means he has the right to ask his neighboring kingdoms to join him against the enemy, to help protect each other.

Does the Bible back this up? I believe so. I have never read anything that would contradict this philosophy; at least, nothing comes to my mind at the moment. I do know that Paul makes it very clear that there is a chain of command: children obey your parents (obviously this is not grown children b/c they are no longer children once grown), wives obey your husbands, and husbands obey Christ. (I'm not going to go into the unmarried/widow issues b/c I'm speaking specifically about the family structure here.) There is nobody in between man and God who has the right to command what goes on in the home. Not grandparents, not neighbors, not a group of concerned friends, and certainly not even agency of the "government." I am not implying that those who know and love us cannot come to us if they are concerned about things; but they have no right to force THEIR opinions and will upon the family. And if those who are close to us, that we love and trust do not have the right to come into our home and take charge, then they cannot then give that right (because they don't have it) to a group of people to have THEM come into our home, and they definitely cannot give that right (again, because that isn't a right that exists) to the government. (There's an excellent video on the internet called The Philosophy of Liberty that I highly recommend, and if I had the right I'd force everyone to watch it.) ;)

Today, do we have midwives as in the days of Moses? Well, yes, we have midwives who assist women in giving birth, but that's not quite what I mean. Do we have people who are willing to do what is right, to go against what the government wants, having the fear of God as greater than their fear of government? Yes, there are some (I know b/c I am one of those and I've talked to others) but not nearly enough.

"When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

How many people will admit fearing their government? Do you get a knot in the pit of your stomach when you see those red and blue lights flashing behind you, even if you haven't done anything "wrong" and they go right on past you? Do you rush to get a license for your pet - for the sole reason that you don't get fined (taxed) for not having one? Those are only a couple of minor examples of how much we as a nation truly do fear our government. We aren't to the point yet where we fear getting shot for not having our papers in order. Oh wait...that does essentially go on every day in every state. You DO have to fear being shot, tasered, beaten up by a paid gang of thugs if you cross your eyes at them or dare to question them for the least little thing.

Ultimately we are under the protection of God, but we are currently in a time when Satan is the prince of this world. God doesn't deal with us in this time the same way he dealt with his Chosen People, the Israelites. Our hope is in Heaven, not an earthly kingdom (though that will happen after Christ's return). We are promised trials and sufferings if we follow Him. Doing what is right might very well get us killed or imprisoned or our own family put under attack, but does that make it okay to cower down and pretend you're obeying God by obeying the government? No way! Just because the state isn't asking you to literally bow down and pray to them every day doesn't mean they aren't requiring you to serve them and not God. Just because the state isn't telling doctors to kill your newborn son doesn't mean that they aren't essentially doing the same thing to your neighbor when CPS swoops in.

Are you going to stand by and see families destroyed and children's lives literally put in danger because someone has the guns to back them up? Or are you going to help your neighbor protect his kingdom and his castle, and at the same time protect your own? Do you think that just because they haven't knocked on your door yet that you are safe or that God is protecting you for being such an obedient servant to the government? I don't have all the answers. I probably don't even have some of the answers. But one thing this country desperately needs is a whole lot of people who aren't afraid to help those in fear of their lives or who are merely trying to protect their family. What we need is a modern-day Underground Railroad to transport and hide the ones who need protection from the evil that seeks to destroy. There are families all around you, in every county, every state, and in many other countries today, who are in great need. While you may not be rewarded in this life for helping protect children and their families from those who falsely proclaim to do the same, I don't doubt for a moment that great will be your reward in heaven.

In the first 10 verses of Exodus chapter 2 we learn of Moses. Everyone is familiar with this story, whether you believe it to be true or not. Moses' mother managed to hide him for three months. His father isn't mentioned, but it's probably because he was gone literally all daylight hours slaving away for Egypt and couldn't actively protect his son. These people were literally slaves and didn't have the freedom or ability to pack up and move away or go into hiding. They most likely didn't have houses as large as ours or even a yard, and were probably pretty close to their neighbors, physically at least. I'm honestly surprised she was able to hide a baby for three months! She probably feared a neighbor turning her in and having her baby taken and murdered before her eyes. We all know how she made a watertight basket and put her infant inside and set him adrift, probably hoping that someone downriver would find him and keep him alive, and that is what happened. We also know that she got to nurse her son and care for him until he was weaned. And that was probably longer than 2 years (I've even heard closer to 4 years is a possibility), so she was able to teach him before he went away.

I am in no way implying that we should just let the state take our children and hope that God protects them and they turn out okay. Protecting and nurturing and training our children is our responsibility to them before God. Not only that, it is our RIGHT to do so. And I think any man (or woman) who would take that away should have a millstone tied about their neck and then get thrown into the sea!

Who are you to judge your neighbor? Do you help because there is a need and because protecting children and families is THE RIGHT THING TO DO? Or do you refuse to help because someone isn't of your faith, didn't vote the way you did, is too poor (or too rich), or you're too poor (or too rich), they don't "deserve" help, or they made the "wrong" choices in life? Don't misunderstand me; you do have to "judge" whether you can actually help, and how you should do it. And you shouldn't neglect your own responsibility to protect your own kingdom.

The whole system of CPS is morally wrong and reprehensible. Yes, there are parents who do wrong things, some that do cause harm to their own children, but there's a better way. Why do we just trust the state to take over? If someone commits a crime, then deal with the crime. You don't have to wreak additional havoc and destruction upon a family in the process. Fight the system any way you can. Speak out publicly, perhaps. Find those who are hurting and become their friend and ally (just show up at Juvenile Court any day of the week). Educate yourself about what is really happening. Work to pass laws to protect family rights if that's your thing. Provide sanctuary for those in need. Family, friends, church, neighbors: that is the system that should be protecting children. The state should be a last resort, only when a child is essentially an orphan.

These are just my thoughts as they came to me today. Yes I have strong opinions on the subject, but you were warned! I have personal experience dealing with this "legal" system of child trafficking, and I am not overreacting or exaggerating by any stretch of the imagination; if anything I am showing great restraint by not naming names of specific people who have destroyed my family, either directly or indirectly by their silent (and not-so-silent) acceptance of this as "the way it should be" and by not calling down curses from heaven upon them and their descendants and their dog.

Feel free to share this and to respond, but know that I will delete any comment that is offensive to me. You can have your opinions, but if you choose to disagree with me, do so kindly and graciously without making a personal attack. And if you can't handle that, then feel free to not be my facebook friend. We are in a battle, people, for our very lives, the souls of our children, and I have no patience or tolerance for the selfish or cowardly or the willfully ignorant. I would risk a lot for the safety of you and your children; would you do the same for me?

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