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No SSN Required

NoSSN NewsLetter issue 9.06

August 15, 2009 at 10:40 am


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Questions about Obamacare

I am pleased about so many things these days. You may say there isn't a whole lot to be happy about but I beg to differ. I have often said, "When are people going to get angry? When will people say enough is enough? How bad does it have to get?"

I got my answer earlier this year when I attended the April 15th TEA party in Worcester. That was where it started. Now we are seeing angry citizens protesting and getting in the faces of Representatives and Senators in Town Hall meetings all over the country. I was afraid the momentum may be lost after April 15th. I had nothing to worry about.

The current focus seems to be on Healthcare or what is known as Obamacare at these town hall meetings. I don't believe it's just about healthcare. Since Obama has spent $787 billion in bailouts and the T.A.R.P. program and the omnibus and now to spend another "really large" amount of money for healthcare is way too much. Somebody has to pay for it and it will be in taxes imposed on the citizenry. In my opinion, the citizens should be the last place you look.

Here's a couple of issues that nobody has brought up yet.

Let's say the bill passes but it is much less intrusive and costly than it is now. It is "acceptable" to the Republicans (not that they are any better than anyone else). Everybody is much more comfortable with it. Whatever that may be. What's to say it isn't going to be amended and added to in the future?

We know that nothing ever stays the same. When the income tax was passed in 1913 it was 1% on everything over $250k. That doesn't sound bad does it? It doesn't even affect me. I wouldn't complain about it. What has happened over the years? It has gotten amended and changed and added to.

If healthcare passes, no matter how "not that bad" it is, you can be assured it will get worse.

Also, when a government agency is created it never goes away no matter how bad or broke it is. They just keep throwing money at it. If it gets passed, it's permanent.

Once a citizen gets "on the dole" it is very difficult to get them off of it. People become dependent on the free cheese. Take a look at social security, medicare and unemployment. Once people are on these they will take it as long as they can get it. They will also vote for whoever will keep the spigot on and flowing freely.

You can rest assured that once it passes, it will not go away.

In a way I was happy when Obama got elected. I thought, maybe people will get fed up. I was right. If healthcare get's rammed down our throats...... Are you ready for this?



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