Saturday, December 6, 2008

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If DSHS were to actually follow the law, and even it's own guidelines, to the letter, they would have a much smaller agency. There would be far fewer children removed from their homes, so fewer foster families needed. Fewer children would be traumatized by being abruptly and uncaringly yanked away from loving parents, and so there would be less need for psychologists, counselors, and psych evals.

DSHS plays the game by their own rules...that they make up as they go along. They know their goal is to get the biggest piece of the federal pie as possible. That means they have to take more children away from good, safe, happy loving families and keep them out-of-home long enough to TPR so they then have more children for the adoption auction block.

DSHS reform? Not possible, I say. CPS does far more harm to the children that it claims to protect. It is an overpowering, insidious, nightmare of a monster that will not go back into the closet once daylight hits, but slithers out into the open wearing its disguise of peace and hope and safety, and all the sheeple either stupidly welcome it into the flock, or cautiously move to the edge of the field. The only ones who are safe are the ones who cast off their own covering of sheepskin and become mama and papa bears, willing and able to fight to the death to protect their cubs.

Am I there yet? I am some days, when this mama bear isn't locked up in a cage of depression or futility. A quote I read on another website today reads, '"I have lost a lot, forsaken so much more, that to win, at all cost now, hardly seems worth it anymore...", quote of the depressed.' This is the goal of DSHS: to tear apart families and become more powerful, and to do that they have to get every parent to the point of giving in or giving up completely, so they can lock us back up in the sheepfold or let the coyotes feed on our flesh, eating us alive.

To DSHS I say: Go away! Die already! Our country and families were far better off without you! We are not in need of your "services", which is why you feel compelled to "offer" these "services" at the point of a gun...sometimes literally, and the rest of the time with threats against our children. Only cowards and weaklings hurt children. Only terrorists kidnap children and hold them for ransom.

Abolish CPS!


ME said...

DSHS contains HALF of the State of Washington work force. People, HALF of our "government" is employed in this monolith. There are more people working in "health and human services" than there are in EVERY OTHER AGENCY in this state combined! Is the people here really this sick? Have we become a nation of welfare-dependent incompetent mentally ill abusive criminals that we need this many babysitters taking care of us? There are more employees in this corporation (and YES they are a corporation, and you thought they were "government"... wake up..) than there are people in MOST of the cities in this state.

Is it really DSHS's job "to protect vulnerable people"? "Protection" is an aggressive word, an action word, a word that speaks of initiate and enforcement. Are the employees of this company considered "law enforcement"? Is it their job to go forth and stop harm? You gotta be NUTS to think that is ok. How many hundreds of years of careful balancing acts did it take to create the police force? How many law suits have there been to keep that group of thugs in line, and we are losing that battle sorely? Now you want to hire a massive army of common-folks with no legal training, no legal limits, no apparent constitutional restrictions, and cut them loose to go out into society and "protect"?

DSHS's legal purpose is to OFFER SERVICES to those who are in need. Instead, they have robed themselves with the ungodly powertrip of forcing "services" upon the people, with or without consent. "for our own good" they say. The parents in our society are no longer deemed worthy to tend to their own children. Some sociopath social worker must dictate from their office what is "best" for OUR children. I've been unlucky enough to visit some of the county jails. I know for a fact that illegal drug use is rampant among social workers. I've spoken to the dealers who sell to them! And these are the people who have usurped the role of "protecting the state's most vulnerable"??

ME said...

Services cannot be compelled. You cannot force people to cooperate and participate. And it is a federal crime to hold a child hostage, and use that child as a lever to compel the parents to perform certain acts. Title 18, Section 1203, United States Code. And check out 1201 also, Kidnapping. This is what the agency has become. New leadership? God help us. Look what the old leadership has done to us. It's time for some people to go to prison for their criminal abuse of power and abuse of office. THEN start talking to us about how the next leader of the company will perform.

I am a victim of being "served to death" by this out of control group of tyrants and thugs. Without my consent. Against my objections. In defiance of my obvious capability to care for myself and my own family. The result? I'm now homeless, poor, unemployed, my family scattered to the wind, and I've lost EVERYTHING I have worked my whole life to build for myself. Thanks for the "help" DSHS. I hate to think what it would be like if your stated intent was to hurt me.

"The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them." That is THEIR law. RCW 42.56.030. When is the last time DSHS answered to THAT statute!?

Kaira said...

Wow, ME, that's an astonishing statistic. They are a wicked organization - godless and corrupt.


Betsy said...

Uuugh! I was protected from this wickedness by the divine intervention of God. Long story but I was in the looney bin in OR but assigned a social worker in WA who 'happened' to be a dear Christian brother, dropped the case w/out another word. This makes my ♥ ache so! I do not even know what to do with the grief. I will continue praying for you dear lady and if I have opportunity or inspiration I will do something!